A week (weak) of interest

Despite the fact of having a blog, trying to write a post-a-day all year long, and linking it to Facebook and Twitter, I really don’t mean to go on and on about the life and times of…well…Mackie and Zoey.

I’m probably the first in line to get somewhat disinterested at those posts that each day describe the length of toenails, the loudness of steps others take when you’re sick or still hung over from the night before, or the amount of Friday donuts consumed by a least favorite person at work…for example. So this week I do it again.

No one will convince me otherwise: you create your own interest in life and you alone choose to share it with humor, pity, blandness, annoyance, or not at all. Some might say I’m doing a self-description (did I mention conceit, self-infatuation, and boastfulness?), but whatever it is, here goes my week log – whether it is interesting or not, is up to you:  Continue reading “A week (weak) of interest”


Hey, hey, hey! Get on down the Roadway!

Have you seen the FD’s weblog lately? She and an Inca Trail buddy Suzanne are trying to establish themselves with YouTube “shorties” about town (NYC). I personally think they are about the best thing a traveler could listen to before going out on the town. Check out Roadways (I also have a permanent link off to the side, but y’all need to be using it). The girl they put in front of the camera is cute, funny, and will certainly bring a smile to your face. Continue reading “Roadways”

Re-visit the Past, Favorites, Ideals, and Wishes

Every so often, one should clean out a closet or pantry just for grins. Deb did just that (for grins) to our pantry today but her intent was more for getting rid of expired dry foods and giving a sense of organization to the shelves. She accomplished her goal and came across a “family keeper” crumbled way in the back on the top shelf. Continue reading “Re-visit the Past, Favorites, Ideals, and Wishes”

Tyler’s doing and boomerang mail

I use much of the available technology these days to stay in touch with family, friends, and for business. Then favorite son Tyler plants this bug in my ear to start a blog…suggesting I use WordPress (like his at tylerandtammy.wordpress.com). Perhaps “Beeba” thinks I can better communicate and express myself to my network audience via this media. Hmmmmm, I probably have several from that lot that may not want me to reach out and communicate any more than I already do. So anyone that happens to read this, please continue the personal and work email correspondence, text messaging, cell phone, home phone, U.S. Postal Service (who?), etc. We will see if this works out as an outlet of and/or for creative expression. In the mean time Tyler, you’re going to have to show me all the bells and whistles of the blog site cause I might just come up with something to say, sometime.

And speaking of the U.S. Postal Service, here’s a blog first story for y’all – it has played out over the past several days: Continue reading “Tyler’s doing and boomerang mail”