Hey, hey, hey! Get on down the Roadway!

Have you seen the FD’s weblog lately? She and an Inca Trail buddy Suzanne are trying to establish themselves with YouTube “shorties” about town (NYC). I personally think they are about the best thing a traveler could listen to before going out on the town. Check out Roadways (I also have a permanent link off to the side, but y’all need to be using it). The girl they put in front of the camera is cute, funny, and will certainly bring a smile to your face.

And here’s another thing…the music on their Mile Marker 14 (New York Botanical Garden)…well that is none other than FS on acoustic guitar jamming with his buddy Jason. They cut a demo CD a few years ago, and somebody besides Dad, who isn’t being listened to much these days, should tell them to do another CD.

It’s a family thing. Figuring out where to go with this idea is still being, well…figured. I’m going to become the PR and GM guy for my two kiddo Favorites – they just don’t know it yet. Oh noooooooo!


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