Re-visit the Past, Favorites, Ideals, and Wishes

Every so often, one should clean out a closet or pantry just for grins. Deb did just that (for grins) to our pantry today but her intent was more for getting rid of expired dry foods and giving a sense of organization to the shelves. She accomplished her goal and came across a “family keeper” crumbled way in the back on the top shelf. I don’t know exactly when we did this, but I’m thinking we wrote this down during one of our family dining table talk maybe around 1992. The questions were taken from a bio listing in the newspaper and we did our own thinking session:


I loved the family time we spent together – I miss the frequency of that time and cherish it when we do get together. Come July when we’re all together, FD suggested we update this list. That ought to prove interesting and fun seeing how our goals, expectations, and life have all changed in the past 17 years.

Until then, go clean out your closet or pantry…see what you find.


PS – If you can’t read the list and really want to, let me know – I can/will insert the typed version.

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