The Furrowed Daily Cap(s) (33)

Artistry in Farming: “One day soon you will be bread on someone’s table. But for now my little wheat crop, try to stay warm” Anticipation in Farming: good news, bad news…curvaceous or couriered…wishful or woeful. What is yet to come? Continue reading The Furrowed Daily Cap(s) (33)

A Kansas Weather Welcome (Treat)

I love weather-watching in Kansas…at times it can fill the entire horizon, and you can see it coming (happening) from a long ways away. It can sometimes seem to swallow you up whole But then as quickly as you get a little weather, it then calms down quite nicely Only to fire back up after sunset so you can marvel in its might (I used my Canon G15 on the hood of my truck, letting the lightning illuminate the thunderhead, and my nephews car tail lights lighting the gravel drive in the foreground…all this with a flashing spent battery light … Continue reading A Kansas Weather Welcome (Treat)

That Doesn’t Look So Good, But It Does Look Cool

While checking out the new football field installation at a job site last week, a cold front (yes, I said “cold” front…in Texas…in July) on the horizon caught everyone’s attention. It was impressive (and the iPhone photo does it no justice…and just for the record, I had my camera, in the truck, on the opposite side of the school campus – some Boy Scout I am huh?). As it approached, it rumbled and belched, and then quickly petered out over us. It was cool to watch the “cold” come rolling in while it lasted (about a 20 minute show). Continue reading That Doesn’t Look So Good, But It Does Look Cool

The Front Cometh

A cold front rolled through Fort Worth this afternoon. I am always impressed with the intimidation of nature…maybe that’s why I’ve always wanted to storm chase and by all means, fly into the eye of a hurricane! In the meantime, this will have to do…. Same photo, but with a bit of iPad Snapseed app tweaking. I do like this photo editing much better (although the original was somewhat impressive in it’s own right)…the photo takes on a more angry persona in keeping with an approaching, imposing storm front, don’t you think? BTW, this photo was taken with my iPhone, … Continue reading The Front Cometh