A Kansas Weather Welcome (Treat)

I love weather-watching in Kansas…at times it can fill the entire horizon, and you can see it coming (happening) from a long ways away.

It can sometimes seem to swallow you up whole

But then as quickly as you get a little weather, it then calms down quite nicely

Only to fire back up after sunset so you can marvel in its might (I used my Canon G15 on the hood of my truck, letting the lightning illuminate the thunderhead, and my nephews car tail lights lighting the gravel drive in the foreground…all this with a flashing spent battery light in my face)

OK, one more of tonight’s impressive display of nature….

5 thoughts on “A Kansas Weather Welcome (Treat)

    1. I so agree. Watching sunrises, sunsets, and storms at White Sands in New Mexico is another favorite place to take in an open sky (with a slightly taller horizon however).


    1. I was wishing for a wide angle or fish eye lens that evening. I simply couldn’t get far enough away with the camera I used to capture the full breadth of the storm across the horizon. Thanks for sharing your link David. I too am a cloud guy…always looking up at any time of day (or night) to see what’s in store. I might have a few more from the trip I can/will post sometime over the next few days.


  1. Great shots of great scenes, Tim. I envy your landscape in this case. I also bet the night sky is awesome in much of those areas.


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