Natalie, and Amy, and Trenton, and Landon

OFBgrs: one of blog faithful could use a bit of healing thoughts and supportive prayers. Little Natalie had heart surgery on Thursday: see Amy’s Two under Two. A friend of Amy’s, Jenna, has updated her blog that Natalie’s surgery went well, but neither blog sites have since updated Natalie’s progress.

Amy, our OFGNe Eli’s heart surgery tugged heavily on all our hearts. With a successful surgery and recovery, he’s now more kiddo than can sometimes be handled…and we absolutely love it that way, as will you. Continue reading “Natalie, and Amy, and Trenton, and Landon”

Milestones to toss about

Last week marked a milestone for the TMay82 blog – it passed it’s 5,000th hit (if you have yet to noticed, at the bottom of the left column is a running total). This blog averages about 25-30 hits per day, and most of those come from a handful of  OFBgrs (yup…I’m adding a new blogism to the list: OFBgr = One Faithful Blogger).

Since blogging has a cool stats feature, it tells me what buttons can/should be pushed with my postings to generate the visits and comments.  This blog’s 98 postings has generated 215 comments across 32 different categories having 103 tags. What does that mean? It means I talk (write…some might say babble) alot. Continue reading “Milestones to toss about”

Succumbing to the Facebook allure

Slap on some rouge and plaster the lips, this old man has given in to joining the Facebook cosmetic line. Much to the dismay of perhaps family and peers, after reading Mark Davis’ article in Sunday’s Dallas Morning News (don’t anyone tell OFB Tony that I read and listen to conservative talk show host Mark quite often) and his recent membership to the legion of some 150 million population of Facebook,  I did it anyway. The CEO of Facebook – one 24-year-old founder Mark Zuckerberg – says  “If Facebook were a country, it would be the eighth-most-populated in the world, just ahead of Japan, Russia, and Nigeria”. I’m now the 150,000,001 member – yeah right, and I would like to announce my candidacy for President of this new found country. I guess it’s OK to join – it’s free and they welcome all ages (I’m good with both of those qualifications).

It’s a new socializing and networking opportunity for me; and I certainly only intend its use as yet another venue to “express” myself and maybe just find a few long lost friends. Oh yeah, and I think nearly every nephew and niece I have (on both sides of the family) has a Facebook account. IF they accept me as a “friend” (because they don’t have a “Crazy Uncle” option), perhaps I can annoy them on Facebook much like I do some of my regular, as well as infrequent or new blog readers. But not to worry all the pretty little blog heads that do read this stuff…at this webpage, by no means am I giving up WordPress, Flickr, SnapFish or any of my other Internet “socializing and networking opportunities” already in place.

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The humility (and irony) continues

A follow up on my previous blog: Oh the humility (and irony) of it all :

So the Christian-based The Covenant School apologizes and says it was wrong to stomp, kick, beat, maim, crew them up & spit ’em out Dallas Academy girls basketball team 100-0…

So the coach, Micah Grimes, says The Covenant School’s apologetic postion is absurd (my words used here)… Continue reading “The humility (and irony) continues”

Only the Slate die young

Don’t know why I even give this mention, or press, or bother. It is obvious this bonehead didn’t get the tickets he wanted when going to the “BJ” concert years ago. But hey! I have a somewhat equal opportunity blog…and contrary to one buffoon’s opinion, Billy Joel remains all that and more you idiot!

The Worst Pop Singer Ever – Why, exactly, is Billy Joel so bad?

And short of insulting this Ron Rosenbaum like his no-talent ass has done to Joel, I dismiss the article in its entirety, knowing it must have been a really, no I mean r-e-a-l-l-y slow day in the newsroom at Slate.

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Oh the humility (and irony) of it all

So yesterday I read about this girl’s basketball game in the Dallas Morning News…and today it’s home page news on

The game was last week between two private schools – The Covenant School (a Christian-based institution) versus The Dallas Academy (known locally for having notable success educating students with learning disabilities).  Anyone else find the teaching conflict (and irony) of a Christian school basically ignoring their Christian/Bible-based education philosophies, opening a can of whup, and dishing out a bucket full of wrath on their lesser opponent?

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I’m still talking college football y’all

My faithful and interested bloggers that read this for my insight and sarcaism on college football…I’m still making snide comments on “Big 8+4” as well as “Saturday Football”. Be sure to periodically check out those pages. And so I will give this a try: participate in the poll “should I move my football rantings to another wordpress blog site or leave it here” tm Continue reading I’m still talking college football y’all

Reaquaint with a Friend

Those that read this, know her. Next to OFSIL Becky, she is the most frequent commenter and is in the top two (along with Bec) regular readers, that I know of, of this hogwash. We all know her as J, JaiJai, Gal Pal, and Queenie. And she has finally decided to start her own wordpress blog to compete with me and steal all my readers. Check her out…she doesn’t scare me (only her friend Vinny does): Baylorjai02’s Blog. You will most likely find her a better writer with an enjoyable story or two.  Oh, and I’ve got her on the side Blog … Continue reading Reaquaint with a Friend

Found a Friend

Still a relatively new newlywed and a most recent mom, Holly started her own special event coordinator business after working several years for the City of Lake Dallas as their Special Events Coordinator. The Lake Cities business community think the world of her. So now she’s a sole proprietor and for the most part has low overhead costs; she can also to the Mom things with her daughter as needed. Holly has it figured out I think. And to top it all off, she’s a fellow wordpresser – check her out…give her some business. Something to Celebrate. tm Continue reading Found a Friend