Succumbing to the Facebook allure

Slap on some rouge and plaster the lips, this old man has given in to joining the Facebook cosmetic line. Much to the dismay of perhaps family and peers, after reading Mark Davis’ article in Sunday’s Dallas Morning News (don’t anyone tell OFB Tony that I read and listen to conservative talk show host Mark quite often) and his recent membership to the legion of some 150 million population of Facebook,  I did it anyway. The CEO of Facebook – one 24-year-old founder Mark Zuckerberg – says  “If Facebook were a country, it would be the eighth-most-populated in the world, just ahead of Japan, Russia, and Nigeria”. I’m now the 150,000,001 member – yeah right, and I would like to announce my candidacy for President of this new found country. I guess it’s OK to join – it’s free and they welcome all ages (I’m good with both of those qualifications).

It’s a new socializing and networking opportunity for me; and I certainly only intend its use as yet another venue to “express” myself and maybe just find a few long lost friends. Oh yeah, and I think nearly every nephew and niece I have (on both sides of the family) has a Facebook account. IF they accept me as a “friend” (because they don’t have a “Crazy Uncle” option), perhaps I can annoy them on Facebook much like I do some of my regular, as well as infrequent or new blog readers. But not to worry all the pretty little blog heads that do read this stuff…at this webpage, by no means am I giving up WordPress, Flickr, SnapFish or any of my other Internet “socializing and networking opportunities” already in place.

I agree with Mark (Davis – don’t cha know we’re on a first name basis) in that it can offer electronic class reunions of sorts from college and high school friends and classmates that have joined the Facebook ranks and have figured out how it all works…that’s assuming you want old college and high school friends to “reunion” with you. And it is yet another technology challenge – knowing I can always consult FS on some of these things I get into – for a man of…age.

You gotta have an account to be my friend (relax…only on Facebook y’all). Beats me how I can direct you to my “Wall” – maybe you should do the Facebook search for me and send whatever it is you send to my limited attention. I might then be able to figure it out from there, or call Tyler for help.


7 thoughts on “Succumbing to the Facebook allure

  1. Just keep listning to Mr. Davis! Facebook? I will wait for some feedback on how this goes before I sign up! Do I have to put a picture of myself on this thing? They might be brutal.


  2. Well look at you… aren’t you becoming quite the little technorati (check out for explanation). Next we need to get you on LinkedIn (the grownup’s Facebook), then Twitter (so we know what you are doing at all times), and maybe MySpace (so you can see what a social networking site looks like when it is dying… by the way it is filled with ads and friend requests from local bands). And to think, this all started with a casual mention of WordPress one night on the phone.


    1. already have LinkedIn and Twitter – been told to get MySpace but have thus far resisted. Twitter has been in the lower right corner of the Blog for a week or so. When are you going to school me on how it works? I’m like a freight train out of control…give me a chair to break would ya


  3. Well now you have a friend request on LinkedIn. I do not have a Twitter account. I do not have a Facebook account. With that said, social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, WordPress, Etc.) is all about content. Find something you can speak with authority on and have a passion for. If that is LA… fine. If that is the migratory patterns of unladen swallows… fine.

    There is actually a site dedicated to writing what we ad folk call “copy” (text) at They talk about how to go viral on Twitter, how to write better blog posts, etc. The site is geared toward writing for advertisement/promotion but the principals remain the same for personal blogging.


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