The humility (and irony) continues

A follow up on my previous blog: Oh the humility (and irony) of it all :

So the Christian-based The Covenant School apologizes and says it was wrong to stomp, kick, beat, maim, crew them up & spit ’em out Dallas Academy girls basketball team 100-0…

So the coach, Micah Grimes, says The Covenant School’s apologetic postion is absurd (my words used here)…

So now The Covenant School is looking for a new coach because they have “asked” their private high school girls basketball coach to wander the desert for 40 years (he was fired…my lame attempt at Christian humor, sorry)…

So the saga and sportsmanship story that just won’t go away easily continues…

Links of some interest(?):

Covenant Coach who beat Dallas Academy 100-0 is fired (Dallas Morning News online)

In our own words:The Journey to a 100-0 Victory (the Coach Micah Grimes’ essay)

The Covenant School athletic website missions and goals (We really are good people website)

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