Reaquaint with a Friend

Those that read this, know her. Next to OFSIL Becky, she is the most frequent commenter and is in the top two (along with Bec) regular readers, that I know of, of this hogwash. We all know her as J, JaiJai, Gal Pal, and Queenie. And she has finally decided to start her own wordpress blog to compete with me and steal all my readers. Check her out…she doesn’t scare me (only her friend Vinny does): Baylorjai02’s Blog. You will most likely find her a better writer with an enjoyable story or two.  Oh, and I’ve got her on the side Blog Roll as “The Baylor Queenie” so you can get to her long after this post is gone.

BTW, encourage her whenever the mood strikes…she is once again a college student which mostly means she will always be looking a few extra bucks (but let me, her Daddy, or hubby Gerry be the treasurer of any funds sent – we certainly don’t want her indulging all her take-home pay rooting on the mighty #119 ranked UNT Mean Green football team at the local sports B&G).


8 thoughts on “Reaquaint with a Friend

  1. Best wishes to Jai Jai – I will now be Number One, Numero Uno, Supreme Follower, all by myself! I AM your biggest fan, little BIL. :o)


  2. Whoa! Wait a second!!! Just because I have started my own blog…which…by the way is totally complementary to Tim’s…does not mean I will dissapear from Tim’s site. I am just like an extra index to Tim’s banter. So the fan club still goes on…and Tim we are still waiting on that credit card number for the bar tab from the fall. :)


    1. Oh so sorry ladies…that bar draft has long since gone flat – no need to start a tab now. We’re on to bigger rantings, espicially with college football happenings.


  3. Yeah we know about Snider…old news love. We are quite happy with the prospects of Baylor and Kansas though. :) I see this as a great time to have a little pay back for the late 90’s…and yes I’m aware of who was the coach then…he’s just been out of the biz for a while.


  4. and perhaps it could be argued that the Saint is a bit out of touch…so now you’re not only rooting for the Gummy Bears, but also the J-birds hmmmmmmmmm. So much for future lunch time college football conversations :(


  5. Yes I think we should! I’m thinking lunch at the Mansion on Turtle Creek…oh and with Tim’s credit card! :P

    And Tim we will always have college fooseball discussions…without it that’s like taking a fish out of water! Or a Snyder out of KSU. HA!!!


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