Two Advils later

It was a “what were you thinking” lunch hour today. I inflated a flat tire and hauled my bicycle to work for a scheduled group ride. How fun, right?

Well, maybe so…kind of, sort of.

I haven’t took to the pedals in about 4, maybe 5 months. I thought “sure, I’ll go. I need the exercise for sure”. Continue reading “Two Advils later”

A Morning Get After

I haven’t had a meaningfully important 7:00 a.m. meeting in a long, long time…maybe since K-State landscape architecture construction lecture classes with DJ. Oh the agony of those! You dared not doze off in his class either, or else you got a chalked-up eraser pitched at your chest. Wait a minute…I wasn’t going there.  Continue reading “A Morning Get After”

Rise and shine you cute ones

Looks like a practical joke...but it wasn't

This morning, for the first time in about 2 weeks (maybe more), we finally had a sunrise visible to those of us that enjoy sunrises and look forward to each day’s arrival….

The fisherman, both human and aviarian were out; the morning temperatures were cool, the air refreshing,

As my massage therapist told me yesterday – yes I got a fourth cupping during a 1-hour session, and yes again, Tony is working wonders on this big ol’ body of mine – saying “you go to the sunrise for a reason…you just may not realize what it is yet”. That’s another blog post for sure!

In the mean time, know that I enjoyed today’s sunrise over Lewisville Lake, as did this young family…. Continue reading “Rise and shine you cute ones”

Well I would…one day.

Got this question from a Disneyland commercial this evening: “What would you do if you had one more day?”.

So like I usually do, I twist the question a bit, take it out of context (maybe not so much), think about all that is carried in my bucket, and re-ask the question without any thought of Disneyland. This question is intended to stir the deep, soul-reaching responses you have with good friends or close family (more times than not when an adult beverage has influenced your boldness and confidence, among other things). So what would you say (do) if the question was posed to you? Gut-check!

Continue reading “Well I would…one day.”

Keep your shirt on

CAUTION: those with a weak stomach may not want to open this post – take my word for it. You’d have to “open” the post to see for yourself and by then you might lose your meal.

Remember a few weeks ago I posted that my tennis elbow-ment got checked out? You know, the doctor had me diagnosed in 1 minute and had the surgery papers ready to sign in the next minute…and I told him I need alternatives and he got offended with me. Ah yeah! OK…

Well I never went back to him, instead opting for an “alternative” I found on my own.  Continue reading “Keep your shirt on”

Ms. Shirley’s algae farm

Facebooking for advice, my OFAIL (that’s One Favorite Aunt In Law, not literally “O-FAIL”…I maybe should think up another acronym huh?) has a recently built, do-it-yourself fish pond at her rural home. And now she has, yup, the dreaded algae.

Sight unseen, I think she has two issues here. One is her new fish pond has algae and the other is her new fish pond gets algae. Algae needs but 2 things to grow: sunlight and nutrients.

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