Well I would…one day.

Got this question from a Disneyland commercial this evening: “What would you do if you had one more day?”.

So like I usually do, I twist the question a bit, take it out of context (maybe not so much), think about all that is carried in my bucket, and re-ask the question without any thought of Disneyland. This question is intended to stir the deep, soul-reaching responses you have with good friends or close family (more times than not when an adult beverage has influenced your boldness and confidence, among other things). So what would you say (do) if the question was posed to you? Gut-check!

The “one more day” also reminded me of a question WordPress.com posed to bloggers early this week: “What would you do if you were President for a day?” Oh my! Think out that one – because of all the gritching we do about national, state, and local politics, it makes it an interesting “pony-up” question (or should I say “puff-up”, as in one’s chest)

The questions are on the table; let me share my gut-check and pony-up woulda-coulda-shoulda’s wrapped into this one post.

Gut check: Well I would…take in a sunrise, holler at all my “favorites”, get my postaday written for this blog, upload the daily pictures to Flickr, love on the Royal Scotties, drink iced tea, scope out new DQ locations because you can never know too few of those places, and probably out of optimistic habit glance at my Outlook calendar to see what tomorrow’s agenda had planned (whether tomorrow was coming or not). That’s if I had only one more day. Wait a minute…that sounds like what I pretty much try to do everyday. Hmmm. Could that be a rut, or perhaps a predictability about me? Nawhhhh. I try not to take the same picture on different days….

Pony-up: Well I would…if president for the day, simply ask Congress and Staffers to leave town – to  take the day off without pay. I would then mow the White House lawn in a sweat-stained ball cap, K-State t-shirt, cargo shorts, and flip flops, make sure somebody sticks around to take my picture in the Oval Office, dismiss and forget the gloomy negative thoughts of the Gut Check question above (politics left town, remember?) and lastly declare the day a National Day For Dairy Queen Mint Oreo Blizzards. Can I have your vote?

I wonder if yours and my complaining about “it” all would stop, or perhaps be muffled…if only for that one day?

2 thoughts on “Well I would…one day.

  1. If I had only one more day … I would hire a helicopter to immediately transport Tony and me to a cruise ship making it’s way through Glacier Bay, Alaska. The helicopter would plop us down on a mini-suite balcony, freshly stocked with buckets of beer, and we would spend the day breathing the air and enjoying the scenery together. :o)


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