unFORTUNE dining?

I looking for some advice here. Let’s take the simple “wrongness” out of the conversation first…let me explain.

I ate Pei Wei for lunch today.

You know the meal routine of this place: stand in line with your mouth partially open and jingling whatever is in your pocket, look at those 3 brightly-marketed free-standing menu display boards and wonder why Whataburger doesn’t have something like this, try to remember what it was you ate last time, step to the counter and yet another menu board that you can’t help but look down on thinking it’s different in some way than the one you already spent 5 minutes staring at, place your order having then to decide a choice of meat at the spur of the moment, add a buck for having the cooks “fry” the rice instead of giving it to you steamed, give half your paycheck to the clerk who has multiple facial piercings and speaks English is a foreign manner (no pun intended whatsoever), take a number that’s painted on a red disk that never seems to fit in the elevated mast rings of the Sweet ‘N Low buggy, step up to the beverage counter dodging kids of an age you wonder why they’re not in school right now…and nearly exclaim aloud “where are your parents?”, and then you see it…yup, that big stash of fried yellow whatever (I really don’t want to know) wrapped in cellophane with a cartoon smiling Asian kid inviting you to indulge in the culinary delight.

That’s right! The Fortune Cookie Bowl… right next to the fru-fru tea!

Ewwww ahhhh, those tasteless wonders of oriental crunch are my appetizer each and e-v-e-r-y time I go to Pei Wei; they are my tortilla chips before the
enchiladas; my sunrise before sunset, my oil change before the road trip, my DQ (Butterfinger) blizzard before my DQ cheeseburger….

So here’s the “wrongness”, that I think might be “alrightness”: knowing I’ve placed but only a single entree order…

Am I the only diner that grabs more than one of those things?

In fact, am I the only diner that thinks that because there’s a big ol’ bowl of cookies, grabbing as many as you want/can is all included in the bill?

Am I the only diner that actually tries to pronounce the word on the back of the fortune tag?

Am I the only diner that thinks if I tear the fortune tag trying to get it out of the cookie, that it’s bad luck (and you’ve got to go get another cookie to counter the misfortune)?

Am I the only diner that believes if you got one good fortune, there’s got to be more in the bowl…so lets just see?

Am I the only diner that believes you can open as many cookies as it takes until you get the fortune you want?

If I’m not the only diner that does this, how ’bout you and me go to lunch next time in search of our fortune?

6 thoughts on “unFORTUNE dining?

  1. That’s scary…I just thought those were “the rules.” And I need to have lunch with you…been WAY too long!!! :) Maybe Becky can come down and join us! :)


  2. Of course ya’ll can stay at our house! I’ll whip up a big batch of chocolate martinis, but no TR this time – might be kinda “lonely” and boring for ya! :o)


  3. The last time I heard about martini’s I think people got tatooed…maybe Texas would be a bit more tame. Down here in Waco…we don’t do that kind of stuff ;)


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