A Minimal but Cool Thing

It is with H-U-G-E appreciation that my newest blog friend, the friend that has me doing fun stuff in learning, seeing, and experimenting with a camera, that I share this link: JunsJazz Images and Inspiration Issue #7. I am humbled being associated with an outstanding group of photographers in all  JJ’s online digital magazines. And at the same time I am excited to be one of the featured photographers. Issue #7’s theme is minimalist photography. Gee, I never thought of myself as minimalist (if you’ve ever conversed with me you would know kind of what I’m trying to say) until JJ … Continue reading A Minimal but Cool Thing

My FD, the Internet Sensation

Go check out the FD! Tiff’s webseries acting debut is online as of this past Thursday. Episode 1 (11 more to go) introduces the cast of characters. For those of you that don’t know my “Favorite Daughter”, she’s the one in the gray sweater/gray shirt…that says “I’d rather chew glass” right at the start. And after watching, if you’re so emotionally moved and/or financially inclined, there’s their “kickstarter” page link right below the video…. Personally, I think Tiff did an outstanding job, but then what else would a “pops” say? She’s always had a natural Lucille Ball quality about her acting, as … Continue reading My FD, the Internet Sensation

We were Boxing

Yes, reluctantly I admit I’ve been around a while. I have seen things,  experienced things. I have appreciated many things and regretted things more than I ever thought I would. But after yesterday, the first-time thing I was a part of was  Boxing Day. And I am glad.

Dear friends Ettore and Oona invited us to a Boxing Day celebration last night. Since Oona is a Brit, this holiday is very much a part of her heritage. But regardless of the occasion, our two friends always welcome us into their home with a warm embrace. They are the epitome of a gracious host. Last night was special.

Unsure of what a Boxing Day night of celebration held in store (but I do now), we readied ourselves for good food, conversation, and fun at the very least. The evening was an absolute delight. Seeing our friends surrounded by their long-time friends – no, that should more appropriately read as ” their long-time family” – did nothing more than keep a smile in my heart all evening long.

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