One for the other half


From a family lineage and heritage perspective, the in-law side of the family has a pretty way-cool claim on history…a history of Scotland that is.

The Clan McRae is a proud and noble bunch. Their Scottish history speaks for itself. However, one of the most recognized icons of Clan McRae is not that of its Clan folklore and honor, but that of a small castle on a big stage standing in the middle of some really deep water.

Eilean Donan is the place. And today’s Clan McRae, worldwide, are the stewards of a wonderful Scottish destination. Continue reading “One for the other half”

Touring about town

Denton is always full of surprises. I love this town. It’s like this town is themeing photographs for me. WUWT?

Over the past few days it’s been antique automobiles. And it is a handful of automobiles that made me stop on three occassions to photograph. Only one of the stops (the Model T) afforded me the opportunity to actually talk with the automobile owner…and he was as much a character as his car. Continue reading “Touring about town”