A Minimal but Cool Thing

New leaves emerge from a volunteer Red Oak in my fence row.
New leaves emerge from a volunteer Red Oak in my fence row. One of these days the tree or the fence has gotta go…but I will wait till that one day comes.

It is with H-U-G-E appreciation that my newest blog friend, the friend that has me doing fun stuff in learning, seeing, and experimenting with a camera, that I share this link: JunsJazz Images and Inspiration Issue #7.

I am humbled being associated with an outstanding group of photographers in all  JJ’s online digital magazines. And at the same time I am excited to be one of the featured photographers.

Issue #7’s theme is minimalist photography. Gee, I never thought of myself as minimalist (if you’ve ever conversed with me you would know kind of what I’m trying to say) until JJ captured a number of my photos. Yup…he’s right alright. I am a photographing minimalist.

JunsJazzImages is one of a handful of my “following” blog sites I check before the WordPress Reader or my email alerts me of a new post. If you are at all interested in photography, JJ’s website will do your talent a world of good.

Thanks JJ for letting me share a moment with you on your stage.

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