The Catapulting Daily Cap(s) (111)

Many came out to watch the company "catapult" competition at noon. Four teams competed - they had restrictions to follow in building a catapult. The goal was to launch five projectilse approximately 30 feet to a target for points, all within a time limit. It was fun!
A father and son team...with a bicycle wheel catapult
Line up the shot...
...pull the trigger
We had the Sergio-Jericho team...with a wood slingshot catapult (complete with a stained finish) that shot the ammo backwards as much as it did forward...look out camera guy (me)
The fine tuning didn't help much...
Setting up for the shot...
These guys ended up winning the competition...but not before making precise measurements of the counterbalance weights for their catapult.
3...2...1...FIRE! A weight-drop catapult design
The other father and son team took a few seconds to play in the sandbox (where they had to set their catapult)
This was the "flinging half-wiffle ball" catapult....
...with a pull chain
Competition was fierce, concentration was was had!
Winners were woo-ed, champions were crowned, bonds were bound, and noses were picked ("come on Dad, hurry it up why don't cha") ... LOL!

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