The Furrowed Daily Cap(s) (33)

Artistry in Farming: “One day soon you will be bread on someone’s table. But for now my little wheat crop, try to stay warm” Anticipation in Farming: good news, bad news…curvaceous or couriered…wishful or woeful. What is yet to come? Continue reading The Furrowed Daily Cap(s) (33)

The Road Trip Snapshot Daily Cap(s) (32)

OK, the road trip is not a bicycle outing. But this was found just a few minutes from the house. I am still searching for why a bicycle chained up to the Dollar General sign post made me stop and take the snapshot. I like the simplicity of the advertisement, the “reach” of the sign, and not to mention the inviting suggestion of libation. Now I wonder if the selection of beverages is as simple as the signage (and the snapshot) My new favorite eatery. The Diner in Norman Oklahoma. A guy could get really chubby with a classic restaurant … Continue reading The Road Trip Snapshot Daily Cap(s) (32)

A Kansas Weather Welcome (Treat)

I love weather-watching in Kansas…at times it can fill the entire horizon, and you can see it coming (happening) from a long ways away. It can sometimes seem to swallow you up whole But then as quickly as you get a little weather, it then calms down quite nicely Only to fire back up after sunset so you can marvel in its might (I used my Canon G15 on the hood of my truck, letting the lightning illuminate the thunderhead, and my nephews car tail lights lighting the gravel drive in the foreground…all this with a flashing spent battery light … Continue reading A Kansas Weather Welcome (Treat)