OK, the road trip is not a bicycle outing. But this was found just a few minutes from the house. I am still searching for why a bicycle chained up to the Dollar General sign post made me stop and take the snapshot.

I like the simplicity of the advertisement, the “reach” of the sign, and not to mention the inviting suggestion of libation. Now I wonder if the selection of beverages is as simple as the signage (and the snapshot)

My new favorite eatery. The Diner in Norman Oklahoma. A guy could get really chubby with a classic restaurant like this nearby, not to mention in trouble for random snapshots of the establishment. Great food! Get the chili for crying out loud….

I know…it’s steering wheel snapshot photography, but does any one else go “what’s up with the u-turn…and why would you go up there anyway.”

Winter in Kansas – sometimes even the scenery snapshooting looks kind of cool (pun intended)