(137) The Pokey Daily Cap

An old snapping turtle seems out of place in the middle of a Kansas dirt road. He was a good sport about me getting all up in his face too….

6 thoughts on “(137) The Pokey Daily Cap

  1. You helped it across the road, then, snapper and all, Tim? I had that opportunity for a small slider recently. Was terrified at first but calmed down in a moment. I put him near the pond he was heading for.


  2. Ohhh, I’m glad you had your wits about you! I’ve seen a few near knock-out punches (okay bites) from snappers being rescued from certain roadway death via kind passers-by like yourself! He’s a lugger, but still a beauty.


  3. I like your perspective on this … down in his face with the road leading into the horizon … the implication that this old guy has travelled a long way in his life. Good job.


  4. Hmm.m.m I don’t think you were in any danger of getting snapped. The snapping turtles I’m familiar with have rougher shell plates with jagged points on the edges. This old geezer looks like a terrapin – land turtle. Not to say he wouldn’t bite you given the opportunity….


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