(52) Sketch(Notes) Tuesday

SketchNotes, it’s a habit now. I have 6 Sketch books going at the same time: one for work, one for favorite quotes, two for personal daily use, one for National and Chapter ASLA business, and one for Sunday sermons. Between the books, pens, and markers, I have a small investment fir adult coloring and artistic expression…. Continue reading (52) Sketch(Notes) Tuesday

I Think I Will Dance Now

I remember loving this lady’s singing (way) back in high school. So tonight I catch the credits of the movie “The Family That Preys” and the closing song made me pause….”is that?…could it be?…yes it is Gladys and it’s no Midnight Train she’s belting!” Now she’s gone and got me loving her all over again. Thank you lady! I know, some of you will be thinking I’m so far behind on this song sung some four years ago, huh? Well don’t. It is as much a song for the soul tonight as it was in 2008! “…Promise me that you’ll … Continue reading I Think I Will Dance Now

It is well

Funny thing happened on the way to the church the other day.

It started with…oh wait, first a lead in: A typical Sunday morning routine of mine when driving to church is to plug my iPod (iPhone actually) to the truck stereo and get to singing with a playlist simply labeled “Sunday”. Of the hundred or so gospel/Christian music owned, the songs in this playlist are my favorites. This list numbers 24 songs as of today, and is populated with “standards of the faith” as much as it is with more contemporary songs that stir my spiritual soul.

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To be jolly

Now if you just so happen to watch the video, and you don’t catch yourself smiling, then I’ll come see you to massage that hardened heart of yours. It is, after all, the season to be jolly. So be it! Stop it with the political moaning, employment groaning, life-is-not-fair bellyaching, and the unsociable Facebooking for but a few minutes…and sing a Christmas song, for crying out loud, that might make others smile for all the right Godly reasons.

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OK, here’s my sign

As you may have noticed from an earlier-in-the-day post, I stopped at the In N Out Burger in Allen Texas for lunch today. It truly is a treat to indulge in this, a favorite fast food burger place of mine (I’ve been munching on those since the mid-80’s whenever I traveled to California and the opportunity presented itself).

I had the Double-Double (aka as the #1) today. Delicious, right?

Dang right! If I’m eating fast, I love my In N Out Burger burgers!

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Thump 10/3/2010

Personal notes from a Sunday morning at Denton Bible Church:


  • Sing to the King
  • Holy is the Lord
  • Rescue
  • Take My Life and Let It Be
  • Where He Leads Me

Text Reading: Titus 3:1-11

Sermon Notes (guest preacher Mike Scheer):

  • Guilty…Argumentative…Christians are the most
  • Response to conflict: 1) overlook, 2) talk it out, 3) ask for help
  • Ask yourself: why in the working world, Christians are thought to be selfish, immature, opinionated, short on hard work – they make for a bad environment Continue reading “Thump 10/3/2010”

EIR: Communion

This is a story without the bickering of politics, rumor-izing, sharp-tongued disagreements, and doom and gloom predictions…isn’t that what Christianity is all about? I trust this will put all our daily lives into some kind of perspective, and affords an appropriate reminder of one of my favorite Bible verses and songs: This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it! (Psalm 118:24).

Email Inspiration Received (EIR) and checked out on snopes.com and truthorfiction.com…my kind of story for sure despite the discrepancy between Buzz Aldrin being Presbyterian or Esipcopal – he’s a Christian regardless of the church doors he walks through!

This from an email received from my friend David S. – the pictures are from my personal photo library.
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Religiously speaking

I, for one, am not well versed in the Bible’s scriptures. However, a good scripture discussion and interpretation is welcomed as long as I have my study Bible to reference. Perhaps that explains why I’ve had a Bible study class or two through my church over the last few years. As my old pastor told me many times – while sitting in a church pew, one-on-one over breakfast, and even in the passenger seat of a golf cart – religion and the Bible can really mess with your head. Perhaps Brother Bill’s point is the Bible is for all of us to take what we need from it, depending on the circumstance. I know many times I reference the Book for consolation, assurance, and inspiration. It has helped me countless times when in need, but it is used solely for my personal journey of faith and not to spread fear and condemnation. I know the Bible tells us to seek discipleship and congregate as a family in the house of the Lord. I try to do that through encouragement, patience, and as a living example – I think I am still ok in the Eyes from above. Continue reading “Religiously speaking”