Thump 10/3/2010

Personal notes from a Sunday morning at Denton Bible Church:


  • Sing to the King
  • Holy is the Lord
  • Rescue
  • Take My Life and Let It Be
  • Where He Leads Me

Text Reading: Titus 3:1-11

Sermon Notes (guest preacher Mike Scheer):

  • Guilty…Argumentative…Christians are the most
  • Response to conflict: 1) overlook, 2) talk it out, 3) ask for help
  • Ask yourself: why in the working world, Christians are thought to be selfish, immature, opinionated, short on hard work – they make for a bad environment
  • Ver1-3: What does a Christian look like in the real world
  • FCA make sure the tongue in your shoe lines up with the tongue in your mouth
  • Christian Behaviors Action (Ver1-3), Words (Ver4-7), Attitude (Ver 8-11)
  • Behaviors: 1) submit to rulers – our responsibility, 2) obey and obedience, 3) look for ways to make things better – don’t just be passively obedient, 4) malign no one – don’t run them down; don’t attack anyone; got an issue with someone, go to them; when wronged, we want to aggressively make it right when really we should just “let it go”…that’s being a Christian – 5) be gentle…give grace to people; God does want or expect hatefulness in people, 7) gentleness to all men
  • God acted in grace to others, we should too
  • those that “say what I think” are foolish; think first what would God have us do? He wants our reaction to be from thought and theology
  • Christian foolishness is disobedience, deception, enslaved to lust
  • Christian foolishness is not neutral, its negative
  • Christian foolishness leads to a life of selfishness – “I do (think) what I want to do (think)…I don’t care about you do or what you think”
  • Christian foolishness gives a heart of malice, make us envious of others, gives a  hatred of others; you become (to the foolish Christian) an obstacle…also you are an object, a tool to get what you want
  • we are not much different that those that frustrate us now
  • good deeds do not equal salvation…instead good deeds are a result of salvation
  • ver7: God has a purpose for us; “pay it forward”, meaning pass on good behavior and discipline; God is gracious to us, we “pay it forward” and be gracious to others
  • ver8: “so that” we can be leaders of good leaders
  • false teachers are those that complain, argue, do no good, and have bad behaviors
  • God saved us TO something…not FROM something
  • out reach: make an appointment for that; 5 groups: informed, initiated, integrated, involved, invested
  • your gifts, talents, experiences – if you’re not serving the community, all are missing out
  • make our mistakes on the move, not on our complacency

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