OK, here’s my sign

As you may have noticed from an earlier-in-the-day post, I stopped at the In N Out Burger in Allen Texas for lunch today. It truly is a treat to indulge in this, a favorite fast food burger place of mine (I’ve been munching on those since the mid-80’s whenever I traveled to California and the opportunity presented itself).

I had the Double-Double (aka as the #1) today. Delicious, right?

Dang right! If I’m eating fast, I love my In N Out Burger burgers!

On a somewhat related topic, many of you know if been on a tonnage-lost kick lately. So far, it has been a successful venture with very few “slips”. I can honestly say this: I take a lot of satisfaction seeing a couple unused holes on tip-side of my belt these days….

But this is In N Out Burger I’m about to eat! I will enjoy this! I agreed (with myself) I would do this and then soon be back on my belt strap diet. I was not feeling one bit of guilt…nada whatsoever.

So I pulled up to the drive-thru lane. There a fine, customer service oriented young man helped me place my order in person. He even asked if I was going to eat my meal in the car. I asked “why?” and his response was “we will give you a placemat for your seat and put your order in a box to make it easier to access your order while on the road”. Hmmm and wow!

Next stop, the first window to pay for my order. Another fine, customer service oriented young lady verified my order and asked if I needed any thing else.

“No Thanks”.

She then totaled my bill.

“OK, that will be $6.66 please.”

I looked at the young lady and, with what had to be a look of utter horror on my face, I said “really?”. “$6.66?”. OK, this was a sign. I was being told something with this “Amount Due“. I should NOT eat this…maybe not all of it…something.

“Here’s $7…please girl, keep the change…and amen”.

I did succumb to temptation and ate two nibble-bites of bun and 4 french fries. But then dutifully, I pulled the meaty protein out and snarfed that down as if it were true nourishment for my body. The rest of the order was thrown in the garbage can.

Tonight, I saying my bedtime prayers out loud and with my Royal Scotties witnessing on either side of me. I will kneel and ask for no further cravings from one of my favorite fast food menus. Either that or ask for a craving of lesser (or more) financial value from these guys….

Not to worry y’all, I’m back in tonnage-loss mode now.

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