Sometimes we all wait in our own line

in anticipation of what is coming. Sometimes we all just wait….

Sunrises and sunsets in Texas can sometimes put on quite a show. Unfortunately, the onerous high pressure system that settled over Texas for weeks this past summer yielded many a clear morning (and evening) skies that were stingy in giving way to picture-worthy sunrises and sunsets. It has been a long dry spell in more ways than one for that matter. We all hope the cool temperatures and moisture of winter will give way to more opportunities for early morning photography (not to mention replenish our water supplies…and spirit).

So this sunrise happened Sunday morning…she found me waiting in 35° temps…at the water’s edge…with earphones ever-so-gently playing gospel music…before unselfishly showing herself to an audience of just me and the ducks…at this particular spot…on the shoreline of Lewisville Lake.

God is good, life is grand. Even more so when you’re able to set a camera atop a tripod at 6:30am, and sing harmony for 45 minutes with Francesca, Natalie, Michael W., 33Miles, Casting Crowns, and MercyMe while waiting for what has been an elusive colorful sunrise of late. No one else was around this morning and, perhaps most importantly, my duck friends seemed to care less how annoying was the truly unharmonious acapella sound of my singing voice. Those silly fowls just kept swimming back and forth – I like to think of them “dancing” to my songs – across the reflection of the morning.

One can always think big, bold, and wishful when doing the morning solo!

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