The Random Wednesday Daily Cap(s) (22)

Good thing I was watching my odometer for the all-3s flip over….I’m ’bout out of gas! I love odd and obvious signs….. Observations from the office window…. A second floor exercise classroom at TWU stacks ’em high those large bouncy balls Continue reading The Random Wednesday Daily Cap(s) (22)

POW 3-7-2012

For those of you that follow or happen across this blog, please know I do an email distribution of odd, funny, peculiar, and sometimes cool photos discovered throughout any given week. Most of the photos are of signs, or drive-by and/or while-driving observations. Now please understand, I’m not always regular (probably a poor choice of word there) with my POW (Pictures Of the Week) emails. I’ll try to be more consistent, and by posting here we’ll see if that so moves me to be better about my regularity.

These¬†photos are different (at least up to this point in time) than¬†“The Daily Cap” series. And for those of you already on the email list that also read my blog, you get POW’d twice….

1/28/2012: Carrollton, Texas

I’m not sure whether the wind blew away the rest of the signs, or if this is it…”as” if this will make be stop and shop cars, right?

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The Colonoscopy followup

Perhaps my favorite from my growing goofy sign collection of pictures….

Many of you have read and commented on the EHR: Colonoscopy Journal posting – this photo (in Fort Worth) seems only fitting.

Many of you have already seen this photo, but it is worthy of another look (note the business sign on the left, then read the sign on the right)…then grab your ankles….ugggghhhhh Continue reading “The Colonoscopy followup”