The Random Daily Cap(s) (194)

A run-down, worn-out State Comptroller’s “calibration station” – cool in its appearance despite being neglected by some, tagged by others
Church pole pavilion with a brick fireplace and picnic tables – hallelujah let’s eat!
Something must be going to happen here…they just don’t know what that is yet.

4 thoughts on “The Random Daily Cap(s) (194)

  1. I agree, there is something about that arrow…it’s almost cartoon-like in it’s urgency. All great pictures! I have to ask, what on earth is a calibration station? This one is neglected, but has a charm all it’s own.


    1. Ha! I have no idea Elisa…the faded sign identified it as such. I figured it had something to do with cargo and freight since the state comptroller was involved. I will post the sign as well…and a couple others laughers I found down the street.


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