The Odd Tuesday Daily Cap(s) (269)

It was an unusually windy morning and I figured the sunrise would be less than spectacular. It turned out colorfully OK – glad I was there to see it….
So I went back to the giant spider web this morning and found another creepy-crawler moving into the same territory. I always knew I didn’t like snakes…now I don’t like spiders. He moved…I ran away flailing my arms and slinging my Canon wildly over my head because don’t you know his elastic-man, incredibly far-reaching vicious teeth were about to chomp into me….
What a lousy commute to work I had this morning (don’t ask!). Now I realize this photo is horribly out of focus and without much creative composition since it was “snapped” through the windshield of my truck, but while impatiently idling in stopped traffic this guy spoke to my camera while standing on the side of the road. Love the yellow gradations on the petals of this sunflower.
Many of y’all know I’ve got this thing (more like an obsession) about photographing homemade signs and in particular, those of entrepreneurs that do their own vehicle advertising. This one capped off the day (I was almost out of daylight). I think I can guess what “PATIO COBERS” are based on the rest of his “stylized” advertising (the side of the trailer was even better but I couldn’t get the picture)….

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