The Ingenuity Daily Cap(s) (184)

Remember the ball field post from several weeks ago? Look what’s getting redone this week…with much better results! And these laborers are quite the clever bunch when it comes to using what they have to get their work done right…
OK, call be old school or even old fashion, but know this: there are only a few tools that rarely lie, ones where you needn’t worry about losing a battery charge or a satellite link, and were used to build the Egyptian pyramids a few years back. I love string lines!
And ingenuity doesn’t alway stop when you leave the ball field. Here this kid figured out how to befriend an inanimate object to help get his job done….
…now if he could only figure out how to cool the late-afternoon Texas July temperatures (where’s the umbrella?) and silence the smart-alec drivers that honk at him (hey kid, toss a stale pizza pie at them passing by).
This has to be an infomercial idea…or perhaps something for one of those slick sales guy peddling the best home improvement tool at the State Fair. Let’s start a list of the varied uses for the common, everyday toilet plunger (besides it’s primary purpose)

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