A first of many???

Darn tooting…I hope.

from womanaroundtown.com

Many of you know the FD has been persistent in becoming  a legitimate actor in NYC since graduating from NYU (all these abbreviations, for crying out loud…). She been at it for 10+ years, doing what she can to get noticed and polish her craft. Her professors told her it would be 10 or so years before she would get work (her body needed to catch up with her acting maturity is what I remember them telling her). Well looky here why don’t cha…it has been 10 years, she looks good (and a bit older), she has the work bit happening, now if only she could bank something for her loads of talent (patience Dad, it’s coming)!

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The FD Milestone

I got up this morning, put a couple eye drops in each eye, dressed for a Saturday, sat down with the iPhone and texted the FD. Within 1 minute of the event, her actual birthday anniversary, best wishes from a proud ‘pops” was sent.

It was a morning routine not much different than in 1980 except I had a much smaller girth then and I have a much better job now.

The FD was born on a Wednesday, 30 years ago today…at 6:57 a.m.. She has been Sunshine in my life ever since.

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On Down the Road(ways)

Hey TMay82 Blogsters – when you get a minute, check out FD’s most recent posts from her Philippines trip earlier this year: Urdenata and Manila.  Her adventures can be the envy of the family on occasion.  And her unintentional antics (I think)…well, just watch her “George W. meets the locked door” impression in “Urdenata”…it makes me laugh out loud. Here’s the W “locked door” YouTube refresher just in case you’ve been too Obamulated of late and forgot, then see if you can find FD’s incident: Continue reading On Down the Road(ways)


Hey, hey, hey! Get on down the Roadway!

Have you seen the FD’s weblog lately? She and an Inca Trail buddy Suzanne are trying to establish themselves with YouTube “shorties” about town (NYC). I personally think they are about the best thing a traveler could listen to before going out on the town. Check out Roadways (I also have a permanent link off to the side, but y’all need to be using it). The girl they put in front of the camera is cute, funny, and will certainly bring a smile to your face. Continue reading “Roadways”

I did, and still do remember Feb 20

Yesterday marked a milestone in the life of FD. She turned the big 2-9…an age that will now be with her for a couple years at least ( ;) ). img_5163

T is a special person in so many ways. In the family lineage, she is the first born to her Mom and Dad; she is the first grandchild born to her paternal grandparents and the fourth to maternal grandparents; she is the first “girl” on the May side – Grandma was elated if I remember right; she is the first born in our family so she could (or try at least) tell second-born FS what to do and when.

We spent nearly two hours on the phone with her this morning (she appreciated her parent’s duet version of “Happy Birthday” on her voice mail yesterday when she was out and about with friends in the big city…she called it “angelic”…she’s so kind, in a tactful, diplomatic, and funny sort of way). In talking with her, memories of her growing up came to mind. Those only cause a smile, a nose-tingle and color change, a lot of blinking to happen – they are happy, loving tears only a father could have in the privacy of his home office while writing a blog post about a favorite daughter nicknamed so often, but most fittingly, still “Sunshine” and “Sweets”.

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