A first of many???

Darn tooting…I hope.

from womanaroundtown.com

Many of you know the FD has been persistent in becoming  a legitimate actor in NYC since graduating from NYU (all these abbreviations, for crying out loud…). She been at it for 10+ years, doing what she can to get noticed and polish her craft. Her professors told her it would be 10 or so years before she would get work (her body needed to catch up with her acting maturity is what I remember them telling her). Well looky here why don’t cha…it has been 10 years, she looks good (and a bit older), she has the work bit happening, now if only she could bank something for her loads of talent (patience Dad, it’s coming)!

Be forewarned y’all. I’ve laced this post with all sorts of links. Forgive me…apparently, I got all excited about something…whatever that might be…but do visit at least the “Woman Around Town” link below.

FD is acting in a play that will venture to Edinburgh, Scotland and The Edinburgh Festival Fringe at the end of this month. The venue for the play is at The Beehive Inn. The play is “G.I. Joe Jared, Based on One Really Bad Date“.

The show runs from August 4th through August 13th. But before this play heads across the pond, they showcased their one-act play to NYC this week. Lo and behold…sure enough…hot diggity-dogs, FD had her first theatrical review: Woman Around Town – G.I. Joe Jared Review.

from womanaroundtown.com

OK, so I’m entitled to be a bit selfish, bias, and proud of “T”, but it really is a bummer about the criticism of her co-actors. I have a feeling they, being actor personalities with grit, will improve with each performance.

I think everyone in the immediate family has seen the play except me. FD sent a book with the play published in it…yeah, maybe…well…you know she always told me to read the book then go see the movie. Hmmm, I wonder if she says the same thing about plays? I’m starting the book tonight!

I have not seen FD act since college – she was pretty good then, I can only grin with the expectation of what she’s like to watch now (and the review certainly helped with my imagining). Wouldn’t it be fun to pop in on her unexpectedly sometime soon!

Other links to keep up with this theatre company and the current stuff:

aWe Creative Group blog and aWe Creative Group webpage

And finally to the many grandpas, grandmas, aunts, uncles, cousins, and dear friends-that-are-our-family that donated cash to this troupe, thanks! Your $$$ are being used to offset the cost of travel, accommodations, and sustainment while Scotland. Now see what your bucks did? It has gone off and had my FD’s talent recognized, it has.

Hey “Sweets”! Can’t hardly wait until the next acting gig! – Love ya, Dad.

Tiffany May McRae (headshot photo by somebody else...not me)

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