On Down the Road(ways)

Hey TMay82 Blogsters – when you get a minute, check out FD’s most recent posts from her Philippines trip earlier this year: Urdenata and Manila

Her adventures can be the envy of the family on occasion.  And her unintentional antics (I think)…well, just watch her “George W. meets the locked door” impression in “Urdenata”…it makes me laugh out loud.

Here’s the W “locked door” YouTube refresher just in case you’ve been too Obamulated of late and forgot, then see if you can find FD’s incident:

One thought on “On Down the Road(ways)

  1. At least we had good music and our beautiful Tiffany on this locked-door impression of W. Her travels are so out-of-the-ordinary and adventuresome! So proud of her and wish I could travel and experience the wonders of the world. You go Tiff! :o) bec


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