The RIP Daily Cap(s) (221)

While working on a historical restoration for the Oakwood Cemetery in Denton, Texas, I not only found myself (again) taking a keen interest in a professional respect for the grounds, but also fascinated by the history of this hallowed place.
This broken headstone was set in concrete – unintentionally, the medallion in the top now doubles as a water bowl for birds and wildlife. Some how I think this would be just fine with the lady named “Tennessee”.
A simple, yet classic marker that has “aged” with character….
I like the the epithet – what else needs to be said?
Marked, yet unmarked grave sites…one using the native stone to mark someone’s resting place in the cemetery. It somehow seems appropriate to me the simplicity of mortality (or immortality) when graves are marked as such. I sat here the longest this morning, letting my imagination run free, and speculate about the lives of these three folks. These folks, unknown to all, truly have been forever embraced by the Lord. This makes me smile and content.

One thought on “The RIP Daily Cap(s) (221)

  1. Historical restoration sounds like interesting work. Nice that you found the time to reflect at the unmarked graves. I’d like to think it gave those souls some comfort, and maybe a little comfort for you as well.
    Have a great day!


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