The Grainy Daily Cap(s) (67)

A great old grain elevator in east Fort Worth, still in operation best I can tell as "Allied Mills, Inc./Wayne Feeds"...or at least the cars in the parking lot meant someone was there doing something
The elevator's backside (south facing side). This makes me wonder if the business name was planned to have 2 words with 5 letters each just so it could be painted on the silos
A great old painted sign on the north side gives the place some dated charm
A side entry that obviously is not used any longer except by maybe people with really long legs (love the completely different ornamental grilles on the doors)

2 thoughts on “The Grainy Daily Cap(s) (67)

  1. Work in Fort Worth…live in a bedroom community near Denton. Ever have reason to come back to visit? Traffic is horrendous…. :) I need some wide open spaces!


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