The Home Town Face Daily Cap(s) (148)

Coming home from “the wedding” today, I finally took a few minutes to photograph a few old building facades I’ve meant to shoot for the past several trips through town. This establishment was located in Calvert, Texas
St. Paul’s Church of Christ, Marlin, Texas
Most of you know how I like the hand-done signs…notice there is no sidewalks to the door and you gotta love the patchwork shingles. Who wants to bet the BBQ is good? I think this was in/around Reagan, Texas….
Riesel, Texas…”We Fix Fl_ _ s”
Another Masonic Lodge (this one with bricked-in windows) to add to my clandestine photo collection of this organization’s place of congregation….
You’ve really got to go to a small town it seems to find a Rexall Drug store these days…Hearne, Texas
Hearne, Texas…but I’m not sure if this 98-year old business is still in business. One would figure they’d be open on a Sunday morning (but it is a holiday weekend…in a small town)
Old bricks give way to a more modern convenience…done without much historic preservation forethought – Hearne, Texas

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