Check The Labels

Label Day is Tuesday…aka Election Day. Oh boy!

It is a day I’ve had circled on the calendar for some time, for more reasons than one. It should be a day filled with excitement and anticipation of new faces, voices, and representation, but instead it will be welcomed mostly because we should be due a brief reprieve from ridiculous campaigns, over-the-top out-of-their-mind activists, and the ugly game of politics finally comes to an end…maybe…but probably not. (and so it is that I get Labeled)

Pie-Sky Label: The political thinking in my noggin has much-more-to-it-than-I-hate-you-Mister-Politician attitudes so prevalent in the unsocial networking this “season”. I strive to see beyond the slanted, dishonest, absurd, unresearched, blinded, uncompromising closed-minded political propaganda (which is different than just trying to be humorous) distributed and circulated these days.

Starbucking Label: Political labeling today is pretty cut ‘n dry by folks that like to offer up one-sided opinions. Are you Republican or Democrat, a conservative or liberal? It all is simply black and white in many eyes. Well I’m here to say, I like my coffee with a spoon full of heavy whipping cream thank you very much.

Fruity-tooty, Nut Case Label: I’ve been viewed as being “sour” with my political comments…and I’m OK with that. My intent with all the lemon commentary is that folks would hopefully see my distaste for the political system and the fanatics we have today. My expressions have nothing to do with my voting preferences or intent. Perhaps it is too much for me to expect a sweeter outlook from a mouth unclosed, or eyes not yet opened…half-opened at very least.

I Declare To You, ‘Give Me Liberty!’ Label: If we succumb to the propaganda wholly from one political side, will we not be just as bad off as the side we’re against? It’s like punching a straight party ticket at the ballot box…that’s not voting, you have merely taken sides, most likely with more research done on the candidates you’re voting against than on the ones you could inadvertently being putting into office. And that laziness at the ballot box is a failure of the Constitutional intent. No longer are we electing a representative of us, we are electing a political party for “them’.

Publicly Educated Nuisance Label: I make no excuses for any politician – I’ve been one, and they deserve none from me. Even though it is a popular fad to trash the guy(s) in power, I still despise false facts about and from either side – all done in an elitist presumptive way of telling me the so-called truth about the other guy, as if I’m too stupid to know better.

Pity-Me-Not Label: I’m disgusted with the hatred, blame, and double standards plated for our “benefit”, allowing the political lean separation to divide us further. I’m insulted that politicians and activists toy with my political smarts, and discount the intelligence of the American voter (making mistakes and recovering from them is capitalistic and a tried and true American way of bettering ourselves). I’m discouraged by uncompromising closed-mindedness (and that’s different than being just plain ol’ stubborn) of a sharply divided electorate.

Nintendo Label: But please you guys, know I’m not so blind in my thinking that any one side is better or worse than the other. Politicians are all the same, and they will get very little accomplished because of the game they play.

World Series “Sweep” Label (but still I say ‘Go Rangers!’): We have allowed politics to become a game. We have two teams playing in Washington DC. They are simply trying to beat the other to a pulp and they care not about the fans (that would be you and me btw). And when one team loses, the very next day they get ready for the rematch. The players only want the win, and not until the fans quit paying admission to see the game will this extra inning, overtime “game” ever come to an end.

Who Kicked Foul Line Chalk On Me Label: I, for one, want new political teams on the field – ones that come with new players every 2 or 3 games, they play with results uncommon by today’s standards if we have any, and they are surrounded by a new stadium with fancy seating. (term limits…government that works not politics that play…fresh new grass roots political faces).

My Forehead Has A Winner-Loser Label (that won’t rub off): This election night, just watch and listen to yourself and those around you. Did your candidate of choice “win” or “lose”? How about the opposing candidate – did he/she “win” or “lose”? Nobody will get “elected” – someone will be “defeated” and someone will be “triumphant” in their campaign. A “victory” will be partied and celebrated. In the mean time, the ticket prices go up again for the fans, and this stupid, mundane game sucks us in and starts all over again with a 0-0 score….

“Do Not Bleach – Hang (Dry) Only” Label: I like the “Charlie Hustle” in people. I appreciate honest effort in doing something different if the same old-same old isn’t getting it done (politics as usual – ugghhh). If that uniforms me as being out-there, loosey-goosey, luney liberal, and/or a weak tea-ser  for the seventh inning stretch of disagreement…then so be it. If having a “uniform” attitude is labeling, it just puts us all right back in “league” with players from that same old political game. Jeepers! Ho hum…here we go again!

Motown Record Label: Believe me when I say I’m trying to wrap it up here gang…so this I ask: what kind of life is it that nastiness and doom/gloom dominates every day life? When it comes to politics, nasty things are said, nasty accusations are made and nothing is thought less of it? Hey! Wasn’t that a refrain in a popular Janet Jackson song…”nasty, nasty boys” (oh geez now I’ve gone and done myself no political labeling favors in knowing that song and who sang it).

“Made in America” Collar Label: When each morning starts with anger, the mid-day is filled with pessimism, and the night comes with a now-heavy chip on your shoulder, how unfortunate is that? At my age (don’t even think about dishing out the AARP label on me here) I’m in search of getting more out life than being narrow-minded, tunnel-visioned, and fearful of what tomorrow might bring; no wait, what I really mean to say is I seek a life satisfaction that is to be enjoyed…and the incessant political posturing is much too annoying. So quit pooping nasty politics at me – I’m not liking the smell in my rosy-colored world y’all!

Balboa Label: Contrary to popular attitudes expressed in some “arenas”, it matters not to me who you vote for, but if you don’t vote then I will want to knock you in the head! 

…and so it is I proudly display all my Labels


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