Texas’ birthday

Texas turned 174 years old today….

To my Texas blog readers: who amongst you can answer this Texas trivia?

Ah heck y’all, why limit it only to the Texas folks? Can anybody answer these questions? I don’t even know if I remember some of the answers!

Does anyone really want to…answer 49 questions? I thought about listing 174 questions, but I do have another life (I think) besides this blog.

So maybe I’ll buy a Texas BBQ lunch for the first “limeyfisher” to correctly answer the most or all of the questions. But then on second thought, maybe I’ll just eat that BBQ in your honor if the person that wins is somebody I don’t know…unless you’re the Texas Governor…then I would welcome buying his lunch…and perhaps share a few of my political suggestions with him over some tasty spare ribs and homemade potato salad. Governor? What say you? BTW, I would even welcome buying lunch for any former Texas Governors if they simply acknowledge my quiz. George?

  1. There is a Texas ranch that is bigger than the state of Rhode Island. What is it’s name?
  2. Can you name 5 of the 15 main rivers in Texas?
  3. What is the longest river in Texas?
  4. What is the State tree?
  5. What is the State flower?
  6. What is the State motto?
  7. What is the State Song?
  8. Where is the highest point in Texas?
  9. How many U.S. Presidents are native Texans?
  10. What is the State grass?
  11. What is the State plant (that would be different than the State grass)?
  12. What is the State bird?
  13. Texas has 3 State mammals. One is “large”, one is “small”, the other is “flying”. What are they?
  14. What is the State dinosaur?
  15. What is the State insect?
  16. What is the State reptile?
  17. What is the State fish?
  18. What is the State shell?
  19. What is the State shrub?
  20. What is the State fruit?
  21. What is the State vegetable?
  22. What is the State fiber?
  23. What is the State gem?
  24. What is the State stone?
  25. Texas became what number state to join the U.S.?
  26. What do the colors of the State flag represent?
  27. How many U.S. states border Texas?
  28. How many counties are in Texas?
  29. How often does the State legislature meet?
  30. How many different nations ruled Texas?
  31. Why is Texas known as the Lone Star State?
  32. How many natural lakes are in Texas?
  33. How many man-made lakes and reservoirs are in Texas?
  34. What language is “Tejas”?
  35. Where is the geographic center of Texas?
  36. What are the circular depressions called, some 20,000 of them that come and go depending on the climate? Hint: they are only found in the Texas panhandle?
  37. How many professional sports teams call Texas home?
  38. The first suspension bridge in the U.S. was built in Texas. Where was it?
  39. How many different sites/cities have served as the State capital of Texas?
  40. The world’s first rodeo was held in what Texas city?
  41. Amarillo is home to the world’s largest _ _ _ _ _ _   _ _ _ _?
  42. The Heisman trophy is named for John William Heisman. He was the first full-time coach and athletic director of which Texas university?
  43. Wool is quietly big business in Texas. Where does it rank amongst wool producing states.?
  44. How many years was Texas an independent nation?
  45. What is the official state sport of Texas?
  46. A Live Oak tree in Fulton is estimated to be how old?
  47. How much taller is the San Jacinto Monument than the Washington Monument?
  48. What is the State dish of Texas?
  49. Texas farms and ranches cover what percentage of the State’s land area?
  50. What is the point of this quiz?

Photo Credit: Cake photo from Katie’s Cakes

4 thoughts on “Texas’ birthday

  1. These questions are overwhelming! I went to school here, but I can’t say I remember ANY of these things that relate to Texas history, etc except number 27, I could guess on the number of states, that should be easy! Let’s see, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, and New Mexico. Oh, and number 50 is an easy one – to tell us how much we DON’T know about where we live. Sad really! Oh, would could the Mockingbird be an answer? Maybe it will come back to me!


  2. And to think all I was trying to do was come up with a blog post on Texas’ birthday :)

    I have the answers Em when you’re ready for them…but maybe one of your kiddos could do some research and get extra credit on homework???


  3. I’m tempted to google all of them and just show you how smart I am because I lived in Dallas for 2 years. But I’ll just wait to see if anyone can legitimately answer them. The flower must be the bluebonnet, right? I believe that questions #50 is the most important :)


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