The State of NoKennedy

Here’s my take on this…this…state of Kennedy now being partially exposed (as if they needed any help beyond their borders): Naked Cosmo Senator Republican (although OFNi DaniM probably didn’t need my assistance in researching the Internet for our family’s email discussions today).  

I trying not to think our newest pretty boy senator-elect Scott Brown from Massachusetts is nothing more than a moderate Democrat wearing Republican lipstick (Scott Brown for U.S. Senate), or perhaps I should put it another way: “a liberal Republican in visual need of a Democratic condom”  He and his family ought to fit in nicely with the Washington bunch.  Mr. Brown is a self-proclaimed “Bush-Cheney” wannabe on several issues…OMG just when we thought we were rid of them…but hey, at least Mr. Brown actually served in the National Guard!   

Somebody turn Scott’s centerfold page and let’s get on with voting out the Washington incumbents. I’m not so sure Mr. Brown’s election signifies the implied moral and ethical voter representation our constitution-writers had in mind, but then what has been since…when, when it comes to national politics? (I think Ike was a decent enough guy…oh nope I forgot about his war mistress…gotta go back further – perhaps Teddy Roosevelt? Yeah Teddy…he was our first “green” president – and Republican I might add – in giving us all those neat-o national parks and, apparently one of Mr. Brown’s favorite Teddy attributes to emulate, a really great big…stick to wield about in public when talking politics!

BTW, Glenn Beck even weighed in on this election: Glenn Beck YouTube

One thought on “The State of NoKennedy

  1. Mr. Brown first tries to pimp his daughters on television during his senate seat win acceptance speech, and maybe now we know why. So now both closet doors of the Brown’s are swinging open. This family should make Republicans everywhere proud and prove to uphold the recent (sub)standards established for political public service. I’m getting no warm fuzzy on this election…but hey, political colleagues populating Washington right now will find tolerance with Mrs. Brown’s past being “handed” to them, courtesy of YouTube:


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