EHR: The Big 12 Republics

EHR (Email Humor Received) comes from OFB Tony, who got it from someone else. As per my lunch discussion with OFGaP JaiJai, I clarify the fact neither I nor OFB authored this – it, like all EHR, is merely passed on. But it is good and spot-on as well, don’t ya think?


Texas is like the USA – Wealthy, talented, and with seemingly endless resources. They have a big ego, but are deserving of it because they win at almost everything they do. Others often despise them out of jealousy. Their money and wealth make the world go round, and everyone wants a piece.

Texas A&M is like China – Big, powerful, and rival of Texas (USA). They live in a male dominated society, and thus their women are not allowed to be cheerleaders. Their money and power also make the world go round.

Oklahoma is like Mexico – Having no resources of their own, they have to invade the border of Texas (USA) in order to survive.

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Little 10 alumni armor-chink

Former UT QB Chrissy Sims gets himself arrested for drugging and driving…with his 8-month pregnant wife. no less 

Former UT RB Cedric “Barkeep, I’ll have another” Benson gets himself arrested for a lights-out punch to the face of an employee at an Austin bar. So then he goes and hires Big Bad Ben’s (Rothlisberger) attorney to represent him…hmmmm.

Former UT QB Vince-able Young…no, wait, I better not get started here on him.

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If the Westside Story is broadway, it’s ragtime in K-Who

Lew Perkins: “Embarrassed and very hurt”


This oh-so-sorrowful admission is “bull(spit)” that rivals some of the best NCAA insincerity ever mumbled by coaches in search of a conscience and the thug-athletes that might be aimlessly following him around. Perhaps I would have some sympathy for the Jaythugs, had it been a first-time incident. But last year, an athlete shot a Wal-Mart air rifle/plastic pellet/BB gun weapon at an innocent middle-aged woman (KU B-Baller Works on Shooting Skills – w/BB Gun)…out of his on-campus dormatory window. But that’s OK, right? He was disciplined for his indescretions…he got 20 hours community service…for shooting a human being, and still gets a free college education. I’m still trying to find a Lew quote on that incident. Continue reading “If the Westside Story is broadway, it’s ragtime in K-Who”

Yes it’s true…

…the Eagles have a Vick.

Please excuse my amateur attempt of humor in varying a line from Ghostbusters, but it is the professional National Football League, aka NFL – Nuts, Felones, and Lifers, that gives us the most humorless story of the week.

One of my favorite radio talk shows is a local duo – Ernie and Jay. Friday, they devoted much of their midday talk show to the NFL, Philadelphia Eagles, and Michael Vick.  Hey! How did he get out of jail, being a felone and all, long before the Jackson family decides to bury Micheal (and what’s up with that?)?

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The Super Bowl cometh

It’s coming on Sunday. Many watch the event more for the commercials than the football played – remember the Bud-Weis- er frogs?  This year, a 30-second ad will cost $3 million. Even though the economy is on the skids and regular advertisers like a certain overnight delivery courier has elected not to participate this year, good old Miller High Life has pulled off a marketing coup (one humble man’s opinion). They are doing the “one second ad”, saying that’s all they need to “remind viewers that Miller High Life is common sense in a bottle”. Continue reading “The Super Bowl cometh”

I’m still talking college football y’all

My faithful and interested bloggers that read this for my insight and sarcaism on college football…I’m still making snide comments on “Big 8+4” as well as “Saturday Football”. Be sure to periodically check out those pages. And so I will give this a try: participate in the poll “should I move my football rantings to another wordpress blog site or leave it here” tm Continue reading I’m still talking college football y’all