If the Westside Story is broadway, it’s ragtime in K-Who

Lew Perkins: “Embarrassed and very hurt”


This oh-so-sorrowful admission is “bull(spit)” that rivals some of the best NCAA insincerity ever mumbled by coaches in search of a conscience and the thug-athletes that might be aimlessly following him around. Perhaps I would have some sympathy for the Jaythugs, had it been a first-time incident. But last year, an athlete shot a Wal-Mart air rifle/plastic pellet/BB gun weapon at an innocent middle-aged woman (KU B-Baller Works on Shooting Skills – w/BB Gun)…out of his on-campus dormatory window. But that’s OK, right? He was disciplined for his indescretions…he got 20 hours community service…for shooting a human being, and still gets a free college education. I’m still trying to find a Lew quote on that incident.

Mr. Perkins is good…he’s good at directing athletic programs, excusing discipline on a lack of his technological knowledge, and giving student-athlete inspirational locker room speeches. “Hey Lew, if you want to learn more about Facebook and Twitter, maybe you should take both links off the athletic home web page until such time as your “generational gap” has closed up a bit.” This guy already thinks its winter on the High Plains…he has all the blankets out to “cover up” the Memorial Stadium turf and hang from the rafters at Allen Field House. Give me a break and start approving your coaching staff’s travel plans before they go off recruiting. For crying out loud, call a disgusting time out and get your coaches attention (oh but that might require some adult discipline – Tweet them instead)!

KU Fall Pep Rally Planned for Next Saturday (Oct. 3) in Olathe – You think there will be white vans strategically placed around campus next Saturday? The coach is out-of-town. People and friends in Olathe, keep your children under close watch and off any stairways. No D(iscipline) Self is bringing his Jaythug MMA and Jealousy Road Show to a town near you. Hopefully, his national champion pot smoking alumni will stay in Miami looking for their State of Kansas equally-embarassing, best-pal, mental-case, should-be-junior Wildcat friend.

Even the KU Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little got in on the incidents of the past week: “I have consulted with Lew Perkins and share his disappointment regarding the recent incidents involving a small number of our student athletes. They need to realize their profiles make them representatives of the university off the court and field, as well as on it, and that KU has high expectations for its students. I appreciate the quick response by the athletic director and university staff and the strong statement from the teams’ leaders.”You are a very tactful lady Ms. Gary-Little. Or perhaps should we call you Bernadette A-Little-Grey given your ability to vaguely explain the tricky knack of college back porch sweeping without the porch light on. I say this about Ms. Gray-Little, she must have a high tolerance for the money “expectations” her university can generate these days. Case in point(s):

This is what money does to football programs. Short of having an extremity about to fall off, or one not having all their mental faculties because of a bonk on the head (or maybe a fall down the stairs), star athletes – thug or not – have got to play each week  for their coach, AD, fan base, and university. By no means should we instill, maintain, and nurture a structure of family-style discipline off the field, but yet it is somewhat expected on the field. This is money talking: first read these two articles from 2007: Simple Plan Strict Discipline and Hard Work is how Mark Mangino turned Kansas around and Piecing it together…then read this piece about the brush-off from this past week: Mangino: No Discipline For Specific Players At This Point. It’s the difference between building a program with morals and character, and maintaining a winning program only to make money for his employer (but I reserve comment on the putz scheduling for his chain gang of athletes). It just so happens to be from the same guy and same university. No wonder the punk-athletes act up…the coaches and administrators are setting the “bull(spit)” standards they (the punk -athletes) find easier to follow.

Now I’ve done a decent job on KU ragtime. But one could substitute any other university name in KU’s place and would probably, eventually get the same result of embarrassment, shame, and “what in the wide, wide world of sports were they thinking?” commentary. I pose just two questions to anyone disagreeing with this post, or with any criticism I have towards any coach and administrator. 1) If this was your kid, your own flesh and blood shooting people with a BB gun or starting fights at school, would you tolerate their behavior? 2) Would you not dish out your own brand of discipline that would teach a lesson? OK, three questons…3) will laps and wind sprints really adjust attitudes and resolve a lack of discipline? You can’t fix stupid no matter who’s telling them how far to run….

If you answer yes to my first 2 questions (and “no” to the third one), then explain to me why Gray-Little, Perkins, Mangino, and Self are doing nothing about making sure the kid’s elbows are off the table and their rooms clean at the KU family compound. Money talks and discipline is blind…and it spends blindly the same in Lawrence as it does in Manhattan, Columbia, Boulder, Lincoln, Ames, Austin, College Station, Lubbock, Waco, Stillwater, Norman, and all the other college towns across the US of A. There is little this blog post can do to change what is fan-acceptable these days in idolizing young men and women, whether that be on a field of play, on a college campus, or in a classroom. But this post has allowed me to vent and wonder aloud what might happen if we were to ask Kayne West to give us his public opinion on punk-athletes these days…hmmmmm, maybe just maybe…….

KU gets the PR grief this week, some other university will get it next week. And maybe it’s already started. Any takers on this guy eating his words soon. With Calapari now in Lexington, watch how another basketball-rich university will get tarnished: Kentucky coaches take jab at KU. At least he’s not picking on Rick Pitino’s extra-curriculars and the cross-state rival Louisville Cardinals…this time.

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