Say Cheese

I hope you guys enjoy my style of photography because pictures might get more plentiful here in the next few days…

The latest (today) addition to the arsenal is on the left.

Canon 60D, Canon Rebel XT, Nikon L100, and FugiFilm S5700 (worn out)

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A week (weak) of interest

Despite the fact of having a blog, trying to write a post-a-day all year long, and linking it to Facebook and Twitter, I really don’t mean to go on and on about the life and times of…well…Mackie and Zoey.

I’m probably the first in line to get somewhat disinterested at those posts that each day describe the length of toenails, the loudness of steps others take when you’re sick or still hung over from the night before, or the amount of Friday donuts consumed by a least favorite person at work…for example. So this week I do it again.

No one will convince me otherwise: you create your own interest in life and you alone choose to share it with humor, pity, blandness, annoyance, or not at all. Some might say I’m doing a self-description (did I mention conceit, self-infatuation, and boastfulness?), but whatever it is, here goes my week log – whether it is interesting or not, is up to you:  Continue reading “A week (weak) of interest”

A snow day for most

Today it was cold, cold, cold, cold, cooooollllddddd for north Texas. It started with thunder-n-lightning rain about 3:30 this morning, then that turned to sleet about 4:30, and the wind chill was around 0°. Perfect weather for Mackie, Queen of Scots – she suggested we make the best of the day since there was no way the boss man was driving to Fort Worth today (and maybe tomorrow): Continue reading “A snow day for most”

Of all the days today could be…

…it ends up being Squirrel Appreciation Day. Gee Whiz I missed it. Yup, I had my slingshot at the ready and could have taken aim.

The National Wildlife Federation came up with the nuisance idea. What were they thinking? Huffington Post gave it some press – the photos at the bottom of the webpage link are worth checking out regardless of your tolerance level for the ornery mammals.

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Scottie takes flight

Tonight I come home late from work, the girls (Mackie and Zoey) are impatiently waiting for one of us to come in the door to dish out the chow.  So quickly, I bowed to the Royalty and feed the girls, did a couple of quick chores, and clicked on the television.

Chimney Swifts. Know them? Cool birds that will literally dive bomb into an un-hooded chimney at dusk. It really is a sight to watch. They will aggressively buzz you before circling overhead and then do this full speed nose-dive into the chimney for the evening. Their “clucking” sound chirp is unique. They clutch and build nests on the vertical face of the walls.

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Bow Wow and Ouch

Road travels and remodeling has done an outstanding job in keeping me from my good ol’ op-ed blog (hope I didn’t lose too many folks). Nearly 5 weeks and many allergic reactions to sheet rock dust ago we started our master bedroom/master bathroom remodel. That should wrap up early next week and then we can finally shower (eeeewwwww) and get some sleep….But what does any of that have to do with the post title you ask? Not too much. 

Almost 2 weeks ago we traveled to Kansas to visit parents (mostly) and pick up a new Scottie dog for our family. Zoey is our new 3-year old female that is full of life, energy, and laughter-induced antics…and yes, the hormonal balance remains out of kilter in our home (as it has for many years). 

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Way too exciting news y’all!

We will soon be the new care providers of 3-year old Scottie (I would say “owners” but it is a Scottie after all and we humans in the same house with one are merely there for a Scottie’s pleasure and convenience :) ).

Her name is Zoey and she comes from an already loving home in Kansas. We are so thankful to her current owner Leah for reaching out for a caring home for Zoey as her life goals are changing and she unfortunately needs to surrender her pal and companion.

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