I’ll see your Sadie, and raise you Mackie

So the price of new Scottie dogs and puppies is going up. The newest celebrity in the dog world is a Scottie named Sadie. Step back Barney and Ms. Beasley. “Sit!” Sadie. You guys have nothing on my Mackie Queen of Scots.

I ask you this:

Who would you want as your everyday pal?


or Mackie?

Who would you want making you laugh every day?


or Mackie?

Who do you want to play games with every waking moment of a dog’s life?


or Mackie? (she knows each toy by name and will bring them to you as requested: in left to right order is Loopy Ball, Hairy Monster, Tennis Ball, Egg, Percy, Dino (her all time favorite), and Larry)

Who comes running all excited when you get home every night? (with her newest favorite toy Henry in tow)

Who plays fair games with the nephew (Drake) when they’re over for a visit?

I’ll see your stoic Sadie the Westminster Scottish Terrier Best of Show Champion and raise you my lovable, matted hair, goobers in the eyes Mackie Queen of Scots, backyard defender of airplanes and liker of all who come hither and enter our house (especially Aunt Sarah).

I know who wins!

2 thoughts on “I’ll see your Sadie, and raise you Mackie

  1. All Hail the Queen! God Save the Queen! For Mackie IS the QUEEN!!! I’d take her in a heartbeat – she is adorable! Give her my best. :o) bec


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