A snow day for most

Today it was cold, cold, cold, cold, cooooollllddddd for north Texas. It started with thunder-n-lightning rain about 3:30 this morning, then that turned to sleet about 4:30, and the wind chill was around 0°. Perfect weather for Mackie, Queen of Scots – she suggested we make the best of the day since there was no way the boss man was driving to Fort Worth today (and maybe tomorrow):

Mackie scopes out the weather conditions
Pre-game ritual...Mackie letting her game plan play through her head

Play ball!
Driving the lane...ready to dish off...hey! where's team mate Zoey?
Game over - sore feet. Call in the aspirin trainer
Fans went home happy...the Scots won. This guy hasn't worn his K-State stocking cap in a long, long time. Fans can be so fickle sometimes.

One thought on “A snow day for most

  1. Congrats on the snow day(s)! Awesome, aren’t they? You look great in your KSU beenie. Cats need all their fans to remain loyal as their team is losing games AND players by the handful.


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