Of all the days today could be…

…it ends up being Squirrel Appreciation Day. Gee Whiz I missed it. Yup, I had my slingshot at the ready and could have taken aim.

The National Wildlife Federation came up with the nuisance idea. What were they thinking? Huffington Post gave it some press – the photos at the bottom of the webpage link are worth checking out regardless of your tolerance level for the ornery mammals.

So if your really want to appreciate squirrels, give one a hug if you can. Today is also National Hugging Day. Wikipedia calls it an “annual holiday” – were the banks and post office open today? Anybody?

Now don’t be laughing too much. According to Thaindian News (who?), “Hugging is said to be a form of emotional release, and it is very good for our overall health and mental and physical being. Even though complete scientific proof might be difficult, but even the scientists believe that hugging is a very positive act, and a hug from a loved one can have very good effects on the health of our heart.”

“Ohhhhh Maaaackieeee. Come here girl! Mackie…let me give you a big ol’ hug baby girl”.

Have I ever told you the true story of when Mackie greeted “Mr. Squirrel” in our house?

I can, if not….

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