Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

Zoey, Princess of Scots

As most of the usual visitors here know, we share our home with two Scottie dogs. Our youngest and newest 4-legged Scottish creature is an almost 5-year old that has quickly and conditionally adopted us (she is so Scottie, huh?). More importantly, Zoey has staked her claim on a ruling perch atop the living room easy chair. This is her place, and she won’t share. I’d say, it is her “home”….

Her spot is a high vantage point to keep a wary eye on Mackie the Queen of Scots, as well as all the bird, squirrel, rodent, and occasional cat goings-on in the backyard. Her spot is also just the right height for her to get a rub from us whenever we walk by. I think she planned it that way all along.

Make yourself at “home” Ms. Zoey!

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