Way too exciting news y’all!

We will soon be the new care providers of 3-year old Scottie (I would say “owners” but it is a Scottie after all and we humans in the same house with one are merely there for a Scottie’s pleasure and convenience :) ).

Her name is Zoey and she comes from an already loving home in Kansas. We are so thankful to her current owner Leah for reaching out for a caring home for Zoey as her life goals are changing and she unfortunately needs to surrender her pal and companion.

But it’s a good thing for everyone. Leah gets to seek out new opportunities without the pet worry, Zoey gets a new home and playmate in Mackie, and we are able to provide a good home for Zoey.  That’s not a win-win…that’s a success for all. Twice as many Scottie stories too – get ready!

I have given Leah a personal assurance Zoey will enjoy our home and care – if any of this blog’s faithful would like to do the same (give assurance), feel free to do so (if you’re reading this on Facebook, click TMay82 to link over to the blog to leave testimony). Leah will be checking in on this blog for updates on little Zoey. It should prove to be a nice media for all of us to stay in touch as well.

We plan to get to Kansas in April to meet Leah and Zoey, bring her south to meet our Mackie Queen of Scots, and to get accustomed to being Texan.

Leah has sent us a few more pictures of Zoey for us to enjoy in the mean time – check out the Flickr Zoey for those.

Yey Who! Make room FD, FS, FDIL, FSOOFD. and Mackie. A new sibling is being adopted and will be setting up shop around here. Better call my vet…better call my groomer too.

6 thoughts on “Zoey

  1. Congrats Tim and Deb on the new addition. She is one lucky dog. I know she will have a wonderful new home. I will look forward to all the pictures to come!!

    Again congrats!

    marcie williams


  2. :) This is so wonderful! I am so certain that little Zoey is going to have an excellent new home. Such a big weight has been taken off of my shoulders and I’m so grateful to be able to keep up on how she’s doing via your blog! Thank you!


  3. Oh, how lucky is this little pup? She will have a wonderful life as a member of the May family. I can’t wait to meet her and give her a big hug!

    Princess Zoey and Mackie Queen of Scots – what an adorable duo.

    Welcome to the family, Princess Zoey, and congrats to the proud papa and mama. :o) Becky


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