Hound dogging at Westminster

Wow – it’s been 1 year since Sadie the Scottish Terrier won the Westminster Dog Show…it seems only like yesterday. Almost to the day one year ago I proudly wrote I’ll see your Sadie, and raise you Mackie – not the most popular of posts, but one of pride and contentment in so doing.

Did anyone pay particular attention to the Scottish Terrier breed description by the arena PA announcer tonight? No? It went something like this (not that I recorded it on my iPhone and replayed it multiple times or anything):

Big dog in a small package – all muscle, bone, and courage…The Scottish Terrier owner must be:

  1. Firm enough to earn a Scottie’s respect
  2. Reasonable enough to satisfy the Scotties strong sense of fair play
  3. Confident enough to love a dog that openly feels superior to its owner

Yup – I have not one, but two of them this year. OFSIL SueB is trying to get me to commit to a 3rd one now as well.

Reserve seating at The Show ran you several bags of dog food…$130. General Admission – those seats aren’t fit for a dog – cost $40. And did they get their money’s worth? Perhaps. 2,600 dogs – 179 breeds and if for no other reason to go, fans got to see 6 breeds (Icelandic Sheepdog, Redbone Coonhound, Bluetick Coonhound, Boykin Spaniel, Leonberger, and Cane Corsos) new to the Westminster.

Actually, there were 7 new breeds. The 7th was the Humbeagle breed (aka PETA lunies dressed as upright dogs walking on two legs…hey wait, wasn’t that scenario in the literary classic “Animal Farm”? Hmmmm). In protest of breeding dogs for such a contest, that new breed of neutered pups were seen hiking their leg outside the television studio, seen by only one person who just so happen to have a leash and shock collar on his person.

The inferior dogs to the Scottie breed in this year’s “Best in Show” were:

Congrats, I guess, goes out to the Scottish Deerhound for it win. Dem Scots now have a run of sorts going at this event. But don’t cha know (and expect) I share with you my “Best In House” puppy-dog choices…

Zoey - it must have been a rough day of lounging around
Mackie's version of a bath, once or twice a year

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