Weekly Photo Challenge: Ocean

And here I thought the Weekly Photo Challenge was “Beach”….

When you say “beach”, I’m not thinking of the local beach down by the lake. “Beach” = Ocean, and it has been since August of 2007 when the last time I step foot in one (ocean). I am of the recent opinion that that fact in itself qualifies for a much needed “beach” vacation…I’ll be in Galveston for nearly a week next month! Maybe that will count as long as I avoid the jellyfish and tar balls.

In the mean time these photos will have to do: Our trip to New England. What a blast this was. FD took the train from NYC to Providence, FS flew with us. The four of us – most likely our last foursome vacation – was very special. 

We all met up in Providence then took off to Boston to Boothbay Harbor to Bar Harbor and back to Providence for a separation of our ways (to NYC, Austin, and DFW) with a week-long memory of fun and family. We still talk about all the laughing and lobsters had on that trip.

From Boston we took out north to Maine. Along the way we stopped for a foot bath in the cold Atlantic Ocean in Swampscott Massachusetts (photo above with FD, FS, and Deb standing in water with the beach all to themselves).

Other than in Swampscott, no other “sand” beach was found on this trip (but we really weren’t looking either). But the coast of Maine certainly has its own version of a beach to enjoy.

The next three pictures are along the coast of Arcadia National Park.

This is Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse’s version of a beach at sunset. Ask me about the FD’s trek down to the water’s edge to get this picture some day (it’s her picture, with my camera, even though my name shows up in the corner).

I would go back here tomorrow and stay a whole lot longer if only someone were to suggest it….

5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Ocean

  1. A suggestion . . . the ENTIRE May family meet up in Bar Harbor/Acadia! What fun that would be – not so much fun for the lobsters!! :o)


  2. Yes. We would love to go camping again in the Acadia National Park. And also bring lobsters back to the campsite and cook with corn on the cob.


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