Weekly Photo Challenge: Lines

Too many pictures to choose from for this week’s Photo Challenge. So guess what? I’ll just put a bunch up here. Sorry gang, the dreaded “family slide show” shall commence now. BTW, I made the pictures smaller to make it seem like you’re scrolling through them faster. Grab your popcorn and beer…please silence your cell phones during the show :)

I’m kind of partial to lines, whether they’re formal or natural (it’s what I’ve done with myself for the past 29 years)….

Lining up the putt (Relay For Life Golf Tourney, Hays Kansas - just so happens to be both my OFBs)

The lineup (Kansas State Championship 2009)
Plume lines of a Zebragrass flower (back yard)
Track lines - first one in on the early morning snow (Lewisville Lake, Westlake Park)
Saw cut lines slice through the concentric ring lines (Highland Shores chipping pile, Highland Village TX)
Headlights cast lines through the wood picket fence in the pre-dawn hours (front yard)
In formation and single file line (Lewisville Lake)
Fragments of peppermint-lined candy canes (consumed shortly thereafter by yours truly)
Natures lines (Denton Texas NPSOT plant sale)
Fireworks lines (post game celebration at the Division I-A College Championship Game, Frisco Texas)
Cloud lines across the sunrise (Lewisville Lake)
Power lines at sunset (Ponder Texas)
Rake lines of concrete, paint line on concrete...who knows what fell in the concrete (left turn lane at FM2499, Flower Mound, Texas)
Grid lines of stained glass (Chuys Restaurant, Fort Worth Texas)
Hold the line - offense vs. defense, 1st and 10 from the 20 yard line (that would be OFB TR on the sticks, with the bird legs; Hays Kansas)
Three lines of pipe rail fence (at my father-in-laws place, Northglen Farms)
Patriotic lines (storefront, Lake Dallas, Texas)
Birds on a high line (Denton Texas)
A line of parking lot curb stops (Lewisville Lake Westlake Park)
Good reason for a double yellow line (Shenandoah National Park/Blueridge Parkway)
Line of columns with lines (Masonic Temple, downtown Philadelphia)
Twisting bark lines (Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn NY)
Sweeping bridge cable lines (Verrazano Bridge linking Brooklyn and Staton Island)
Sleek bridge lines (somewhere in Pennsylvania, I think...maybe West Virginia)
Line of monuments (space is a premium at Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn NY)
The graceful line of The Gateway Arch (St. Louis, MO)
The jagged lines of historic street cobblestones (St. Louis, MO)
Contrail lines (across the wonderful skies of Kansas)
Yet-to-be-laid commuter rail lines (Lake Dallas Texas)
The tangent concentric and radial lines of a spider web; backdrop of grid lines of a silt fence (UNT Stadium Denton Texas)
Art deco lines of the A.D. Marshall Public Safety and Courts Building exterior (downtown Fort Worth Texas)
Stripe lines of ribbon candy (my belly)
Protruding lines of ornamental grass blades (front yard flower pot)
Even the wild things need to walk the line (Lewisville Lake, Westlake Park)

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