Weekly Photo Challenge: Red

Of course I have “red”….

Red sign in Denton Texas near University of North Texas campus

My Mom's red tulips that Dad now tends to... planted how many years ago?
A wildflower favorite of mine: red Indian Paintbrush on the Texas prairie
Red flower at the Dallas Arboretum...both the bee and me enjoyed the day
Red Nandina berries on ice...one icy cold winter morning in Texas
Red antique (anyone know what kind?) at the Lake Dallas Car Show, 5-14-2011
Red daylilies
Spring's emerging new growth of redness
OFGrNe Drake in red shorts dribbling a red soccer ball against an opponent in a red jersey watched by a couple familiar faces in red
OFNe Greg being pursued by a sea of red and watched by a line of red...run Greg run!
The red fall color of a Post Oak leaf
Burst of red at the 2010 Lake Dallas few-fireworks display (it rained)
Mackie, the Queen of Scots sporting a red Christmas cap - ho ho ho
You think Tom's red throat will get anyone's attention? Got mine!
The red cross of ice-encased twigs
You have a collect call from a Dr. Who....
Red and green apple harvest from my father-in-law's orchard a few years ago
Only the best roadside lobster roll in the whole state of Maine - Red wasn't in when I asked for him. Delicious sandwich at 10:oo at night

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