Weekly Photo Challenge: Round

You know me, I’ve certainly got some roundness….

Custom, hand-painted round nozzle tiles at a splash park designed by my company (collage)

Blue Angel round off, Alliance Airport practice, Fort Worth
Round Mexican Plums harvested last fall and reflected in the round glassware stem
Pins and needles - with round heads
The yellow roundness of a raw egg (ready to mess up for breakfast - that's cracked pepper on top)
The sleek roundness of a hot air ballon at daybreak
A round, permanent Ferris wheel in downtown Houston
The big round eyes of OFGrNe Toby finds hitting a round ball with a round bat is a fun challenge
A Kansas windmill, silently round at sunset
The annual Hays (Kansas) Relay For Life Golf Tournament featured Mom's name stamped on the round surface of our 2 foursome teams' golf balls....
Round, spent button bush blossoms
Frozen round Nandina berries in my front yard
A round fruit harvest in Kansas at my father-in-law's farm orchard...delicious!
Three round tiers of a leaning snowman
A multiple ooooooo and ahhhhhhh colors of a round ball of fireworks on the 4th of July
The empty roundness of a DQ Mint Oreo Blizzard cup :(
A half-round vine arch at a favorite project of mine
Round sample cups on a round plate at our company's annual Chilli Cookoff Roundup
Round (sheared) plants in round planters on a round curve no less
Unnaturally round shrubs - uggghhhh!!!
I'm not sure a guy could round off a single plant any more perfect....
The roundness of a Purple Coneflower in downtown Lindsburg Kansas

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