Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

Now this is something I’ve got a whole lot of pictures of….

Most of you limeyfishers know how I like my sunrises over the lake. So I went through the 1,000+ photos of sunrises and pick a few favorites. Then I debated on whether to post them in this “challenge”. So I searched a bit more . I may have stretched the challenge (maybe I don’t think so now) by taking “morning” and figuring what  pictures I had that showed something happening then.

What cha think?

A Gray Heron is startled into flight early this morning; 10/24/2009

the sunrise illuminates the path as the morning fog rolls in on the coast, Arcadia National Park; 8/28/2007
San Antonio fog over the hotel and Alamo on Christmas Day morning 2007 - it was surreal
Early morning snowfall; porch light is on 8 doors down the street; 2/11/2010
a slightly foggy morning at the boar dock; 11/12/2009
the early morning vocal majority of egrets choir - who's off key?; 6/1/2011


OK, a few sunrises…I simply cannot resist (sorry guys)

early morning catch; 3/20/2010
a unique, vividly colored morning sky; 1/7/2011
a striped sun...rise; 2/26/2011
a morning sky ablaze (that was a cool morning); 1/12/2011
Great Plains (Kansas) at sunrise; 6/11/2010
Prepping poles for the morning fishing excursion; 5/8/2011
morning water colors on the lake; 4/1/2011



3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Morning

  1. WOW – so nice to know that natural beauty is right outside our backdoor. Beautiful, Tim. Simply beautiful. (heavy sigh!) :o)


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